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S2 Environment PowerPoint Presentation (Longman Elect P.70)

After today’s presentation, the best presenter of 2C is Jason & Kit and 2D is Marco.

They both have a very complete presentation with a clear introduction, fruitful contents as well as a fine ending. They understand the passage well and develop it into their own positive environmental message in the end.

Jason’s group looks at the Hong Kong Landfill problem in a macro view (the govenment’s action)and a micro view (individual’s action) on the top of environmental example of Japan. 

Marco’s group designs their PowerPoint slide background closely related to their presentation topic. Obviously, they have well prepared before they came out to present and introduce ideas how they react to this present environmental problem in Hong Kong.

Efforts are shown in other groups too, but, you can do better. Daisy’s group can bring in some connections with the treasure pocket of Doraemon and Michelle’s group can choose more relevant pictures on their slide and explain further.

Imagine you are having a BIG meeting with certain CEO and introduce your BIG proposal. Definitely you want the CEO buy your idea and say YES to your proposal. You’ve only got one shot. You’ve gotta give your best shot! Of cos’ you’re always welcomed to re-do your presentation again, but you have to take everything seriously in the first place too!

For students who have communication or cooperation problems with your group mates, you have to learn how to deal with it now. Imagine it happens in your later life when you grow up. You are not going to call the police if your partner is not cooperating right? Then how will you handle the problem and get your work done perfectly? This is what you need to learn to handle all the situations popped up during your PowerPoint project this time. Hope you understand what I mean.

Please check out your classmates’ work and comment afterwards.

2C-Jason’s group-wastes_in_hong_kong1

2D-Marco’s group-hong_kong_landfills_nearly_full1

2D-Daisy’s group-hong_kong_s_landfills1

2D-Michelle’s group-eng_pr0ject1-s2d-michelle1

2D-Joel’s group-hong_kongs_landfills_nearly_full_powerpoint_f2d_joel_ho1

2C-Leo’s group-hong_kong_s_landfills_nearly_full1

2C-Kiko’s group-1718193912c-cck-elect_book1

2C-Angel’s group-elect_11

2C-Brian’s group-eng31

2D-Alvin’s group_s_ppt2

2D-Cathy’s group-landfills_2dcathy1

2D-Coco’s group-hong_kong_landfills21

2D-Maggie’s group-hong_kong_s_landfills_nearly_full1


2D-Vincy’s group-landfills1

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I think the power point of our group(Vincy’s group)can be better.We should add more our opinion
and not just admire on the text book.We should not only copy some sentences provided on the text book,after we read the passage,we should change it into our own ideas and show it in a different way:)

Comment by Yvonne:)

I think that our group can talk more information and also the power oint can be do better. For example, add the background, picture and some special effect. Aslo I think that we can do more prepare.
But other group is also good, because they have try their best to introdue the power point.

Comment by Jason

I think Angel’s group should have more inormation outside the textbook and talk more about information from the elect.They should speak louder.Their power point is colourful.

Comment by Jenny

I think the power point of our group will improve by adding extra information, photos and prepare well before the presentation.

Comment by Serena

i think most of the groups are present well after point out the bad things.we should keep the eye-contect and also can find some information outside the book,make it more wonderful.Beside,we can add more pictures to attract the listener.

Comment by kik0:D

I think ours– bryan’s group can “absorb” more about the article first before we do the ppt. On the other hand, I think our group’s ppt is not enough other information, solutions to solve the environmental problems or our own feeling about that. During the presentation, I think our group didn’t do well because we didn’t do the preparation enough!

Comment by Arthur

I think the voice of the presenter of Jason’s and Bryan’s group are not enough and they can speak lounder. The group that present today can be did better by show some pictures of the information and have eye contact with us. The background of power point that the group present today are very beautiful and clear.

Comment by Amy

I think the presenter should have more eye con tact. The pictures are very colorful, and the information is very good.

Comment by jenna

I think Keith’s voice is not loud enough and he should have the preparation so that his present can go through smoothly.Also, they can add more pictures in the powerpoint so that the powerpoint can be more colourful, but the content of their group is very good and the points are very clear.

Comment by CCK

some of my groupmates’can’t do the powerpoint,so they be the presenter.mayde they are some problem in between.I think jason’s group is very good.They had mention the main point in the book and sujjest few ways to reduce the problem.

Comment by Tebby

I think that i should keep the eye-contect, and not just looking on the note.
And i think that it is quite boring during the presentation, the presentation should have something is funny, interesting, just like there’s a background music.

Comment by Moon

i think the presenter should have the
eye-contect.Also the voice should be

Comment by karen

The powerpoint of Vincy’s group is very attract me.The powerpoint is simple but very clear:)And the presenter have eye-contect.Marco’s group also attract me, i think they prepared long time and spend many times on the powerpoint.very good:)

Comment by phoebe

firstyly, i felt very fightened and afraid when i started to do the presentation! I think we can do better if we do more preparation. Also, have more eye contact is very important!

Comment by bryan

i think our group performance could be better since we didn’t have enough preperations beforehead. On the other hands, I can learn some ways how to produce a better and a more attractive presentations from our classmates.=]

Comment by da!sy

The performance of our group can improve more.The powerpoint can more simple and clear. The prescents must speak loudly ,otherwies the classmaters can not listen very clearly.

Comment by Bonnie

I think our group can add more pictures in the powerpoint so that it can attract others.
Also,I like Michelle’s group’s powerpoint they can present their informations in a simple way.Their group also have a messenge to tell others.In fact,I think all the groups have used much time to make the powerpoint!

Comment by Marco fish~2D

I think Jason’s group is the best because his point is quite enough. The voice is ok but if more loud is better.

Comment by Jessica

I think Bryan’s group is quite good. But rhe Bryan is too nervous. He can speak loudly, otherwise, no one can hear him! However, the power point is quite good! It has some information of the outside without the tsxtbook. The pictures in the power point are nice. He can say the important point. So, is quite good!

Comment by Harry

I think the jason group is the best,
I can see that he prepared a lot brfore the presentation. If more pics are added, it will be more better.

Comment by YU

I think our group is good!Bryan can understand the passage and use his words to represent it.I think he was so nervous.He always ‘er’ and stop awhile.
Overall,he did quite good!

Comment by Karina;)

our group have present today. i think it’s good , but we can do better next time!: >

And jason’s group is the best! they all prepare very well and present it well ! All data are detail and many information about hte topic : )

Comment by christy :)

I think our group may need to have more preparation for this PPT presentation. In fact, I like Marco’s group’s presentation because their background wallpaper is really meaningful! After this presentation and your suugestion for our group, I think we can have a greater and nice performance next time ! ;]

Comment by B0W!E:)

After the powerpoint presentation, I found that suitable pictures are necessary .Also the performance of the presentor is important too.
I will try my best to have a better presentation!

Comment by Sherman

i think that my group can be better.we can add more photo on the ppt and more outside source.

Comment by kit@2c

i think we can have more pictures and moer information.

Comment by ting@@

i think we can have more pictures and more information.

Comment by ting@@

after seeing all the others power point, ithink that my group’s powerpoint should have some more details about all the things

Comment by SUM

I think the presenter can speak louder and
more eye content.
The PPT can have more picture,add more own
idea on it.

Comment by jerry.\_/.

The group which presented today were quite good,but my group was really……(no need to say)
This is because we had some technical problem,Geoffrey and my computer had no ppt,and also I can’t use the internet,now I only using the PDA to give cm……
OkOkOk… this is my comment,all the presented today were good,but i think if they can give more picture will be better,because the ppt only words and words , it is very x 10000 boring!!!

Comment by keith

if they give more pic will be better

Comment by Ted

if they have more pic will be better

Comment by ted

Although our group have our opinnion,but we don’t have enough details in P.70.We can do better in this.

Comment by Marco

the best group of 2d is marco’s group.their performance is very good.And our group do not have the chance to perform this time but we will try our best to do all the group works.

Comment by natalie

I think Jason’s group is the best, because they prepare it very well and the got the points.

Comment by Fiona

I like the presentation of Marco’s group.Itis because I think Marco is the best presenter in the presentation.Although he was not spoke with fluency, he used some speak skill in his presentation such as rhetorical question.
I thing the power point of our group is very good,but the presenter was not prepare enough for the presentation.It affected the presentation brightly.I think we should more take care about the presenter.

Comment by Channy

I was so scared of the presentation in today’s English lesson because many groups’ presenters behaved very nervous.
Most of the Power Point shown above are lacked pictures.

Comment by Jing

I think our group can perform better, since Geoffrey and Keith don’t have the ppt, so Tebby and I do the ppt…they haven’t seen the ppt before the presentation, so when they did the presentation, their cooperative were poor, they don’t know what thing I will show. If they saw the ppt before, I think they will do better!

Jason’s group performs well, they have the preparation before the lesson. This is a good attitude for us to learn. They have a good cooperation.

Comment by Angel

I like Daisy’s group presentation most. It was because their powerpoint is simple but clear. It has many information of landfills.

Comment by wesley

I think our group can prepare more like we can make the powerpoint more beautiful and add more pictures.Also I think our points can be shorter like Vincy’s group.Anyway,I think everyone did a great job!

Comment by LISKA

I think our group’s powerpoint is good because our points are shout but very detail.I think we did not have enough preparation.So we will do better next time.
I like Marco’s group too.They have prepared well .Therefore,their performance is very good.

Comment by Janice

I think our group ‘s powerpoint can add other imformation outside the text book and pictures .
I think we can do better in the future.

Comment by Ella

I think that Marco’s group is the best.Because they have prepared well for the presentation and they have use many rhetorical questions that can make the audiences to think more about themselves and know any wrong things they have done before, so that they can correct from now on.

Comment by Melody

I think bryan should speak louder
All if more pictures may be better and our group’s ppt is not good enough because only 3 slides of ppt is useful but it have enough pictures.

Comment by leo

I think Kit and Jason’s group did a great job.They are prepare very well and they could speak very loud.If they have more eye contect .They wil be better then this time.

Comment by Andrew

I think our group can do better. We can add more slide such as introduction. We can also prepare more.

Comment by Erica

I think Brian’s group powerpoints are good , but they need to speak more louder, and also the points inside the powerpoint are good .

Comment by Jenifa

I think Marco’s group is the best because they prepared well for all informations.They have either prepared presentation and powerpoint well.

│ ╭╯│╰╯│ ││ │╰╯│ ││ │  ││╰╯│
│ ╰╮│╭╮│ ││ │╭╭╯ ││ │  ││╭╮│
│╭╮│││││ ││ ││╰╮╭╯╰╮│╰╮│││││
╰╯╰╯╰╯╰╯ ╰╯ ╰╯╰╯╰──╯╰╯╰╯╰╯╰╯

Comment by KATRINA 2D(1) :]

i think Marco’s group is the best,because they also suggest the way to reduce the waste.i think they can add some videos to attract us!

Comment by alex

All ppt can’t open in my computer. But I read some of them in class today. I think ppt of Daisy’s group is too colourful and so we can’t read clearly. I think its colour of text should be darkness colours.

Comment by Eleanor

I personally think that the preparation time for the powerpoint is not sufficient as well as the manpower. Therefore, it will be improved and the powerpoint will be presented more fruitfully for the next time.

Comment by Vincy

I think my group’s ppt doesn’t have muxh dtails.

Comment by KEN

I think that our group’s powerpoint is very simple. Because we don’t have much time to prepare. Since some of our group member forgot to bring their slides to school…

Comment by Stella

I think some of it are doing quite good.
Some of it have enough information, it’S also have some information outside the textbook.
We need to prepare more.

Comment by natalie

I think Brain’s group is the best.

Comment by Kathy

i think Jason’s group is the best, but can improve if have more eye contact

Comment by AdriAn

i think they can give more pics,speak louder

Comment by geoffrey

Our group forgot to put in the sources.
The powerpoint of Daisy’s group is quite beautiful, but the Doraemon doesn’t related to the topic of the powerpoint. It can be better if they make the topic and the Doraemon with relationship.

Comment by Grammy

I do think they(and my group,there’s NO pic)need to add more pics.
Moon was okay,her sound is great but less content
Brain was good,many information
(That’s all)
(Only remember these@@)

Comment by Secret

I think Marco’s group is quite good and they have detailed information.
For my group,our powerpoint didn’t included the sources and we will improve next time.

Comment by coco

I think Marco group is good because i can see that they have prepare for a long time and their powerpoint do very detail and clear!

Comment by WateR

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