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Which airline is this?
April 21, 2008, 8:29 am
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By this summer, this airline will finish building its “Airport of the Future” in Seattle. This ticket counter has been obliterated; only islands of self-check-in kisoks remain. Which airline is this?

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I don’t know, dog face?

Comment by wanderer7

Is it the Alaska Airlines???
I think so :]

Comment by Fiona

he is like “MOU JU JHI”

Comment by Tiffany

i don’t it a men@@?

Comment by ting@@

i think is Alaska Airlines because i serached in the internet .

Comment by Arthur

I don’t know.I only know it is a man’s face. : P

Comment by Jenny

It’s Alaska Airlines
I searched in Youtube.XD

The music was really good~!!

Comment by Secret

Hurray! You’ve got it right!!

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

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