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I want to talk about Calla’s group.
I think Calla can speak more clearly and loudly when she is doing her presentation. Also, I think her power point is quite short. If her group can find more information from the internet or Elect book, then it will be better.

Comment by Christy Kong

Ma Yu Wan’s group~~enough information,very funny but not loud enough

Angel Wong’s group~~enough information,the picture is very beautiful,if Jenny Wong can speak more louder will be better

Calla’s group~~not enough information,too short , they can do more research

Anna’s goup~~the information is so detail,but the ppt make me a little bit confused

Jacky’s group~~enough information,very interesting and funny

Johnny’s group~~enough information,but the presenter always watch st the screen

my group~~enough information,but I need to preparaemore

Comment by KT

I want to talk about my group.
I think my group is not very well because my groupmate have a little bit scared about the presentation so he stuck in somewhere of the powerpoint. But one thing good is about the informations. My groupmates do a lot of research
about the BASKETBALL.And one thing we need to note is we should say louder.

Comment by Danny

I think the presentation of Angel Wong’s group is quite good.They did a lot of research on doing this powerpoint.Also,their powerpoint is clear and they add lots of photos in the powerpoint.
However,I think that if the presenter can say more for each point, it may extremely well.

Comment by Suki Chui

I want to talk about my group.
I think that the information is enough.
There are beautiful pictures.

The things need to improve is:
I should ready enough.

Comment by Janice

First,i want to talk about Calla’s group
i think their information are from the books.Try to find another information.Also,give more picture,if you just show a lot of word,it will be very boring.
The presenter has enough voice,it is CLAER!

Comment by Tommy

I want to talk about my group. I think my group have enough information but we can find more that not in Elect. I think I should speak more louder and clear. We can also find more photos and rules about basketball. I think that will be more better.

Comment by Emily Ma^^

I want to talk about my group.
Although my group did not present very well, I feel my groupmates already presented very excellence. It is because it is difficult to stand on the stage to present everything. I know my groupmates were extremely strained and sometimes they forgot what about to talk but they tried very hard to finish the presentation. I think they can practise more and try to relax.

Comment by Roger Ho

I like Suki ‘s Group most.There are some reasons about why I like Suki ‘s Group most.
I think she prapered very well.The sources of her group are very detail.The power point is very colorful.It attract the audience.And they have some questions to ask us about basketball. =]

Comment by ♥kw0kj0ey

I think Tommy’s group’s presentation was quite good. Their presentation was jokind. Tommy’s voice is loud enough and very clear. So we can listen easily and comfortable. Their information is enough. Lots of information outside the textbook. Such as the famous players and may not be famous players. So that we can learn more and know more.

Comment by yoyo so

I want to talk about Ricky’s group.
First,i think their group is the most funny.
Then their information are enough,also they put some information from outside textble.It show that they have do the search for this presentation.
Lastly,when Tommy and Ricky present,their voice were loud,so that we can hear clearly.

Comment by Jenny Chan

I want to give some comment to Tommy’s group.
I think Tommy find a lot of information about basketball.They add some action during the presentation. This is very good, but I think it is not easy to do it in the presentation. They need more practice.

Comment by Wing=..=

I think Suki’s group presented very well.
They got enough information.
They also had enough voice so we can hear clearly.
But their report may be too long too detail. They can try to make shortly.

Comment by Angel Tsim

I want to talk about Johnny’s group.
I think Johnny did not prepare well before the presentation so sometimes he didn’t know how to present and he stopped talking.Also the power point of his group has many words.

Comment by Jenny Cheung

I think johnny’s group’s powerpoint is too hard for me to see.And Johnny’s voice is too low,not very clear.I think he must present louder and he should prepare more because he always stop and don’t know what should he say.May be he is very nervous.
And I think some of the information are wrong in their powerpoint And I think it is too much words in the powerpoint.

Comment by KAREN

I like suki’s group and I want to talk about her group.

Their powerpoint is interesting. Suki represent loud enough. It is clear too. But I think their powerpoint is too many words.

Comment by Mandy

I wanna talk about my group.
I think that we have not enough prepare.We should say loudly and out powerpoint has a lot of words.

Comment by MICHAEL

I want to talk about Anna’s group.
The presenter of their group, Suki is presented very well.I think she has enough practise so that her presentation done very well.Moreover,their power point is colourful and their pictures are very qute too.Besides,their information also enough but they can try to find some sources that is about Basketball outside the Elect book.And Suki’s voice is loud and clear.

Comment by Alice

I will talk about Calla’s Power Point.
I felt their group information is not enough, they can add more. Their information is all in the Elect P.70 and in their Power Point. All the pictures is found in the artist photo. Their voice is not clear and loud enough.

Comment by Christie =]

I want to talk about my group.That is Tommy’s group.We have found enough information and we use a drama to present the powerpoint.But the problem is that we have not prepare the drama very well.We will try more better next time!^^

Comment by Law Tsz Kit

i want to talk about my group.That is kelly’s group. i think we can found more information about badminton outside the textbook.that will be better. but kitty is presented very well today.

Comment by katrina

I want to talk about Ricky’s group.His group presentation is quite well.They use conversation to talk about their power point unusual as other group presentation pattern.And I can see that they have search the information and pictures outside the textbook.But in their power point ,I did’nt see they have typed the information from the internet.Also, they can improve their pronounciation.

Comment by Anna

The most I want to talk about is my group’s presentation today.
The information of PowerPoint has not very much attraction because most of its information is common sense and some of it is repeated. Also our group can add more pictures and do more research in the internet. I think it is bored if we show something which can find in the Elect book.
Besides, I was the presenter in today lesson.
I think I should prepare for the presentation earlier, so I would not stop for a long time. The most important is I should speak more clearly and it needs more eye contact with WHOLE CLASS.
Over all, I think there are many things to improve after watched other group’s presentations.

Comment by Johnny

I wanna give comments to Ricky’s group. I think their performance was the best. They have done a lot of research. Although they didn’t prepare well, their presentation method is very special. They acted a role play so that the whole presentation became more interesting. Lastly, I think they should reduce some unnecessary words in the PowerPoint.

Comment by Angel Wong

i want to talk about Janice’s group.
i think the presenter should speak loudly,don’t always look at the grourmembers,JUST DO IT,
They get enough information on the book or outside the book,it is very is clear too.

Comment by Brain

Kelly’s group

they include the information in P.70 and also in outside the textbook.Information outside the textbook is very little.They pronounce the words well.

Comment by gloria

Janice’s group

They inclubed a lot of information in textbook P.70. They searched photos in the Internet as well. She spoke very clear and loud. I think they had a good performent.

Comment by donna

I think Janice’s group is quite good.Her sound is enough and clear.Their PPT has a lot of information in textbook P.70 and outside.I think Janice should practice more.

Comment by ricky lam

I think Ricky’s group is the best. They use role play format to present to us , I tink that it is very funny. Their sound are loud and loud enough.They include the information in P.70 and outside the textbook. I think them need to practise more,it will be better.

Comment by Calla

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