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PowerPoint Presentation: Badminton or Basketball

Make sure that you include the following items:

1) The topic you chose

2) The points you are going to include in your PowerPoint

3) The reasons why you choose this topic

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Group Discussion (17th April,2008)
Topic:Badminton or Basketball

Group leader:Tommy Chau(06)
Scrible :Ricky Lam (17)
Presenter :Brian Ng (27)
Discussant :Jacky Law (20)

Our discussion is that we will choose basketball for our topic because we know more rules,players in basketball.Also we are interested in basketball.

In our PowerPoint,we will talk about the rules,history,players and basketball teams in basketball.

Comment by Ricky Lam

The topic we chose: Badminton

We are going to include:
Silde 1.) the History of badminton
-began around 2,000 years ago
-invented in ancient Greek
-many versions of badminton
Silde 2.) the equipment of playing badminton
-a net
Silde 3.) the famous badminton players
-Fu Haifeng
-Zhang Ning, etc
The reason we choose this topic it’s because badminton is a famous sport and a lot of people know how to play. After finishing the powerpoint, we can know more about badminton.

(Well-prepared! I’m looking forward to your PowerPoint Presentation! Mrs. Bouteiller)

Comment by kelly chen

Group leader:Jenny Chan (01)
Scrible :Mandy Yueng (38)
Presenter :Emily Ma (26)
Discussant :Alice So (28)

In our discussion,we choose basketball for our topic because basketball is a famous ball game,we want to know more about it.

We’re going to talk about basketball’s history,the rule of playing basketball in our power point.

Comment by Mandy Yueng

Leader:Roger Ho
Presenter:Johnny Law
Scribe:Danny Chu
Discusant:Micheal Wong

We choose basketball to be our topic.Because most students likes play basketball during the recess,and also basketball have a long history.Basketball is a very famous sports event.

In our powerpoint,we will add the history about basketball,the rules and how to play basketball.

Comment by Danny

Group leader:Jenny Cheung
Scrible :Karen Liu
Presenter :Wing Cheung
Discussant :Calla Chau

We are going to choose “Badminton”to do the powerpoint. We do this topic because we know less about badminton.
We are going to include the famous badminton players’past ,the materials to make a badminton racket ,the rules of playing badminton. etc.

Comment by KAREN

Group Dicussion Report
(17th April,2008)

Leader:(1A 24)Christie,Lo Hau Ching
Scribe:(1A 10)Anna,Chung Sze Yuet
Presenter:(1A 09)Suki,Chui Tze Ching
Discussant:(1A 13)Christy,Kong Shuk Yin

1.We choose basketball for our topic

2.The points we are going to include in our PowerPoint
-Why are the people interested of basketball?
-The playing skills and rules.
-What kind of people are suitable for playing basketball?
-The uniform of playing basketball.
-What can we learn from playing the basketball?
-The rank of basketball team in the world.
-Why Yao Ming can famous in this sport?

3.We choose basketball for our topic because Yao Ming is a chinese and he is a very famous basketball athletic.In fact,few of chinese basketball athletic can be famous in this sport.So, we want to know why Yao Ming is famous and we want to know more about basketball.

(Very well-prepared! Keep it up! 🙂 Mrs. Bouteiller)

Comment by Anna

The topic we chose: Basketball


We are going to talk about:
-Some History of basketball.
-Some famous basketball players and some of their story.
-describe some teams playing in the Olympic.

We choose basketball to be our group’s topic, because we know that many students of our class like basketball very much! Therefore we want to share something about basketball to our classmates.

Comment by Janice

Great reports! Remember to send your PowerPoint to

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

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