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April 16, 2008, 12:38 pm
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Oasis Hong Kong Airline goes bankruptcy. Is it a company crisis?

Yahoo! faces the fear of being taken over by Microsoft Corporation. Is it a company crisis?

Some Chinese toy manufactories are always found producing defeated products. Is it a company crisis?

How about SK2 products/cosmetics, child labor of Nike, under-paid workers in Mc Donald’s, and so on?

What will you do if you are the CEO of that company?


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If I’m the CEO of Yahoo!, I’ll upgrade it because Google is better and better than before. If I don’t do that, we may be outdated.

Comment by KEN

Leader: Erica
Scribe: Michelle
Presenter: Persephone
Discussant: Bobo

1)Some China company use some harmful substance to make the food.
2)If I am the CEO of that company, I will stop using the harmful substance to make the food.I will say sorry to the public and use the fresh materials to made food.Hope the people will buy our food again.

Comment by Michelle

If i’m the CEO of Ng Fung Hong,I’ll make a discussion with the supporter of cows&pigs in Chain!!!So,may be we can solve the problem!!!!!!!

Comment by Denis

Leader: Grammy
Scribe: Natalie
Presenter: Jerry
Discussant: Coco
1)The vitality sushi in Langham place form Mongkok discoveredhas the mouse to take to bring with in the rotation appears and disappears.
2)If i am the CEO of this restaurant,i will close the restaurant immediately then please the clean personnel float with 1:99 dilutions the clear water to disinfect immediately the entire dining room.From all walks of life extremely makes an apology to the media, hoped that various potential energy forgive.I will guarantee that we will be open for business by the cleanest appearance.If each position has to our dining room any discontentedly, we will solve your problem with every effort, will be sure need to provide best service like everybody.

Comment by natalie

1. Sing Pao have not paid the salaries for their employees for many time. Although they are in financial difficulties,they do not want to close the company.They also didn’t pay the mandatory provident fund for their employees.Sing Pao is facing serious financial crisis.
2.If I were the CEO ,I will look for a buyer to take over Sing Pao.The money earned from the buyer will be used to pay the salaries and mandatory provident fund owed to the employees.

Comment by Bonnie

The discussion report is provided by the following students-
Leader: Liska
Scribe: Bonnie
Presenter: Wesley
Discussant: Marco

Comment by Bonnie


1.When Li-Chak-Kai began to be the boss of PCCW,some people said that he took the money from the company and for his private use.Although he did not violate the law,people said he made the stock market decrease a lot.

2.If we are the CEO of PCCW,we may establish a group to check did the stock market decrease because of Li-Chak-Kai.If it is ,PCCW need to compensate for people affected.

Comment by Danny

Leader: Melody
Scribe: Stella
Presenter: Water
Discussant: Katrina

1.The Oasis Hong Kong Airline is facing a problem of bankruptcy. So they need some company to took over it.
2.If i am Li KAi Shing , i will buy the Oasis Hong Kong Airline. Because i think the airline may be a good way to make profits.
2.The media say that the cheungk

Comment by Stella


1.KFC sell many unhealthy food.
They are all multi-fat.
If we are the CEO of KFC,we will promote health meal and fruit.Also we will do more advertisement to let more poeple know that.

Comment by shirley

Leader: Alvin
Scribe: Joel
Presenter: Channy
Discussant: Karen

1. The recent news has shown us that some essential good have shot up in the past few weeks and The Consumer Council claimed that the supermarkets charge more for the products than corner shops

2. If I am the CEO of those dominant supermarkets, I would tell the customers that I sell high-quality goods at the lowest price the company can offer. We also provide additional service like delivery to enhance the level of our services that other corner shops might not do.

Comment by Joel

If i am the CEO of SK2, firstly, i will stop selling that product immediately then i will announce that the product have some problems and retrieve that product that the customers have brought.Lastly, i will send back to the country where produce the product and check it further.

Comment by Tiffany

Leader: Yu
Scribe: Jenna
Presenter: Jenny
Discussant: Adrain
If I am the CEO of the the toy maufactries, I will make some better toys. I will also use some better materials to make the toys.

Comment by jenna

1)Yes. These are company crisis.
2)If l am the CEO of the SK2, I will retrieve the products and give back the money to the customers and check the factories why they made the product have problems.

Comment by Amy

If I am the CEO of SK2, I will call a group of people who are specialized to check whether the materials that we need are harmful or not. It is important that if our company is found producing defeated product, that may cause a company crisis.

Comment by Mon

Leader: Ting (24)
Scribe: Jason (16)
Presenter: Kit (32)
Discussant: Harry (35)
Today we have discus about the company crisis. The company that we chosen is SK2. The solution is: First, we can do more Q.C. before we sell to people. Secondly, we can list what chemical has been use on the packet. Next, we can hold on some talk to tell what is the use of the product and after use what will hapen. Lastly, we can list which kind of people use will be harmful of it.

(I’m impressed to have you brought up the phrase ‘Q.C. Quality Control’ !! You are professionals now!)

Comment by Jason

Our group has discussed about the company crisis of McDonald’s. We think that:
1. McDonald’s should pay back the salaries;
2. McDonald’s should post an apologization on newspaper;
3. continue to let the workers work; and
4. Give more support by no to change their salaries.

This is the end of our presentation.

Comment by 2C04Alex

Leader : Tebby
Scribe : Geoffrey
Presenter : Keith
Discussant : Angel
If I were the SK2 CEO, I will up grade the quality of the products. Do more test and publish the results. Change the place of production.

Comment by geoffrey

If i am the ceo of sk2 , we will create a new department that invent new products to earn more money.

Comment by leo

Alex? group mates?

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

If i am the SK2 CEO,i will check all the masks and facials before we sell.It may be dangerous if we don’t check.

Comment by Marco

Leader:Hoi Yi
The Chinese toy manufactories would like to use harmful substance to make the toys. They think this can safe maoney.
If we are CEO of the chinese toy manufactories, we would discuess and find which substance are safe and safe money.

Comment by Jessica

Leader: Karina
Scribe: Bryan
Presenter: Christy
Discussant: Arthur

Mc-Donald’s is facing the problem,and the problem is that people question about the under-paid workers.
If we are the CEO of Mc-Donald’s, we will give the suitable wage to the workers. On the other hand, we will fried the lazy workers to use less money on more workers. We will also monitor the workers performence and give some bonus if they did well!

Comment by bryan

I’m so impressed by all your work. HTYC students; Think critically!

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

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