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Ways to live green
April 15, 2008, 7:51 am
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Can you discuss ways how we can live green in terms of clothes we wear, food we eat, places we live, transports we take, and so on?

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Group member:5,15,17,37
In daily life ,we can live green in many ways
such as:
– Use public transport that can reduuce carbon dioxide
– Turn off the lights when you don’t need it
– Donate old clothes to some charity
– Bring your own shopping bags when you go to shopping

Comment by CatffanY

– Use public transport
– Use both sides of a piece of paper
– Don’t wear the clothes which is made in animal’s peel
– Turn off the electric things when we don’t need to use it.

Comment by KATRINA 2D(1) :]


We have discussed the ways to live green.
1.give your old cothes to people needed
2.use public transport
3.don’t waste food and drinks
4.use own bags instead of using plastic bags
5.avoid using air-conditioner
6.avoid using sprays
7.use both sides of paper
8.plant more trees
9.put suitable substances to correct recycling bins
10.join activities in environmental organization
11.turn off lights and water laps when don’t need them

We should protect our environment.
Start from our daily life first!

Comment by Marco fish

1. ture off the air-conditioner when we don’t need
2. plant more trees
3. use e-mail to send card instead of using paper
4. take our own bag when we shopping
5. recycling

Comment by 3be


Title: Way to live green

1.Aviod using sprays,e.g.CFCs.
2.Use your own bag.
-reduce bag waste.
3.Recycle things you can.
4.Travel by public transport.
-reduce toxic gases like nitrogen oxide.
5.Plant more trees.
-Make our environment green.

Comment by Secret


We have these ways to live green:

1)Aviod using sprays because it will give out CFCs
2)recycling because it can reduce waste
3)use more public transports because less sulphur dioxide,nitrogen oxides are given out
4)plants more trees because trees can absorb carbon dioxideand release oxygen
5)use your own bags when you are shopping so that less plastic bags are used
6)use high-grade fuels with low sulphur content because less sulphur dioxide is produced
7)save energy e.g. switch off those electric appliances that you are not using
-use handkerchief instead of using tissue.
9)use your own utensil instead of using plastic and unreusable utensil
4R=Recycle,Reuse,Reduce and Re place
The enviornment is important to us , we must take care of it.

Comment by Ella

Leader:ArthurScribe:KarinaPresenter:BryanDiscussant:ChristyThe way to live green.-Plant more trees.-Donate more old clothes.-Use both sides of paper.-Adjust the temperature of air-condition to 25.5 degree celcius.-Seperate of the wastes.-Turn off the electrical appliances when you’re away.-Turn off the car engine when the car is not moving.

Comment by Karina;)

The way to live green.

1.Plant more trees.
2.Donate more old clothes.
3.Use both sides of paper.
4.Adjust the temperature of air-condition to 25.5 degree celcius.
5.Separate of the wastes.
6.Turn off the electrical appliances when you’re away.
7.Turn off the car engine when the car is not moving.

Comment by Karina;)


Ways to live green energy
2.waste recycling
3.plants more trees
4.use public transport
5.bring your own bag
6.use less fossil fuels
7.use reusable cups and plates
8.Stop the use of the products that release CFCs
9.choose products with less packaging
10.use less air-conditioner
11.recycling batteries

Comment by Yu

Our group:

This is the result of today’s group discussion for live green:

1).use high-grade fuels that release lease sulphur dioxide.
2).plant more trees because trees can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
3).use paper for both sides
use shower instead of bathing.
4).Stop using products(like sprays)that release CFCs.
5).switch off some of the light when it is in the morning/ not needed.
6). use your own recycling bag for shopping.
7).Adjust the air- conditioner to the temperature of 25.5

Comment by B0W!E:)

group leader:Natalie

Ways to live green

-Use our own bags instead of plastic bag
-Use public transport instead of private car
-Use both sides of paper
-turn off all electrical appliances when no
people at home donate old things charity

Comment by jerryA_A


These are the ways to live green that we dicussed today:
1.plant more trees
2.bring our own bag when we go shopping
3.recycle waste
4.use both sides of the paper
5.turn off the light when you go out
6.turn off the tap when you finish washing
7.avoid using sprays
8.use public transport

Comment by CCK

We discuss some ways to live green:
-use traffic transport
-save energy,for example: When the lights which we don’t use, we need to turn off!
-bring your bags before you go to buy something.
-reuse,for example:if a paper is used one side, we can use the other side!
-Donate the clothes to the people who need
-plant more trees in our home or somewhere
-don’t waste the food

Comment by Harry

leader: Micheal
Scribe: Mary
presenter: Maggie
Discussant: Danny

Here comes the ways to live green that we discussed today:
-use our own bag to replace plastic bags while shopping
-use public transport
-turn off the lights that are not being used
-put the well-used papers into the blue recycling bin
-turn on the air-conditioner when the temperature reached 25

Comment by Mary

group leader:Yvonne

Ways to live green:
1.3R(recycle,reduse and reuse)
2.use public transport
3.use our own bag
4.don’t always use plastic bag energy:
a:don’t turn on the lamps when we go out
b:don’t always use the air-conditioner

Comment by Ashley

group leader:Fiona

live green:
-use recycling papers
-use both side of the paper
-aviod using sprays
-use public transport instead of using privat cars(decrease the chance of burning fosil fuels )
-plant more plants

Comment by SUM

Leader — connie
Scribe — karen
Presenter — candy
Discussant — alex
Ways to live green:
2)use public transport
3)bring your own bag
4)switch off the air conditioner when the
temperature is low
5)use both sides of the paper

Comment by karen

Group leader: Angel,12
Scribe: Geoffrey,21
Presenter: Tebby,3
Discussant: Keith,38

Ways to live green:
-use fluorescent lamp
-use both side of paper
-reduce the using of the chemical substance
-throw the paper, aluminum and plastic bottles into the blue, yellow and brown recycle bin respectively
-plant more trees
-use alternative energy
-use public transports when we go out
-bring our own bags when we shopping
-turn on the washing machine when it is full with dirty clothes
-use less paper cups and cartons when the party is being

PS:Geoffrey’s computer has some problems, so I write down the comment.

Comment by Angel

Group leader:DAnny

Ways to live green we discussed today:

-Bring Your Own Bag instead of using plastic bags
-use public transport to release less harmful gas
-donate the old clothes to the people who need
-do not waste food and drinks
-use reusable containers replace polyethylene boxes.

Comment by Michael


The ways to live green that we have dicussed today:
1.use our own cloths to make some mew cloths
2.bring our own bag when we go shopping
3.use public transport
4.use less air-conditioner
5.avoid using sprays
6.turn off the light when you go out
7.recycling waste

Comment by Tebby

group leader: alex
scribe: shirley

We have discussed the ways to live green.
1.Use both sides of paper.
2.Don’t waste any food and drinks.
3.Don’t use too much air-conditioner.
4.Close water tap if you don’t need them.
5.Put bottles,paper and cans into correct recyling bins.
6.avoid using things that will produce greenhouse gases.

Comment by shirley

A lot of you gave a list of suggestions. Good work.

Macro’s group of 2C is the best, because they explain further then just list their suggestions out.

To make it better, you can include your personal opinions too, next time .

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller


Title: Way to live green

1.Recycling – paper
– aluminium cans
– plastic bottles
– etc.
2.Bring your own bag.
3.Aviod the using of sprays.
4.Use the public transport.
5.Plant more trees.
6.Save energy
7.Use the utensils that can be reuse
8.Use the pens that can be refuse

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

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