Edutainment – Bouteiller’s English Teaching in Hong Kong

April 11, 2008, 9:33 am
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My mother saw this 2…
She can’t stop laughing !~

Comment by Jenifa

when i went back home, i saw this again, i laugh loudly. It’ s so funny!HAHA..

Comment by Harry

check this out

can it show in the lesson? extremely funny!

Comment by alex

Th gag is funny.My sister also wants to introduce this gag to her classmates.

Comment by Angel


Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Work Work Watching~XDDDD
I can’t stop to laugh~

Comment by Jessica

hahahahaa…. This is my problem too!!!!!

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

funny x 100000000000000000000000000000000000

I watched for 3 times!!!

Comment by keith

Ready fuuny about the UFO part, can’t stop laughing!! LOL

Comment by Fiona

I mean–
Really fuuny about the UFO part, can’t stop laughing!! LOL

Comment by Fiona

YA!!!!It is very CRAZY!I think the man in the UFO part is the most funny. I laughed at him a lot and made me felt stomachache…My sister saw this and she laughed a lot too.I think I will not forget this cartoon in my whole life!

Comment by Angela 2A(10)

wow wow wow!
It is very funny!
i keep on laughing for two minuters after watch this video.
I think no videos are more crazy than this one.

Comment by Cathy(2c.22)

HA HA HA HA!!!!The lady(man)was so funny.The man was saw the UFO he felt frightened and amazed.It made me laughed.I want to share my feeling to other people and share this funnt video to each other!!!

Comment by Jackie Huen-1D

WOW!What a funny cartoon =! The UFO is very gag!Ilove it very much because it make me laugh a lot I love Tofu gag very much!

Comment by Lo Pui Sum

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