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April 11, 2008, 10:15 am
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1) Name all the airlines you know.

2) What do you think about the price, service, flight schedule, destinations and so on?

3) Any other things you’ve discussed?

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Our Group (:
Group Name: ME PuB
Group Member: Michelle, Erica, Persephone, Bowie
Leader: Michelle Scrible: Bowie
Presenter: Erica Discussant: Persephone

Group work for Airline
1). Oasis Hong Kong, Cathy Pacific, ANA, British Airways
2 & 3). The service of Company Crisis is bad and Oasis Hong Kong didn’t have a best way to slove the problem, such as the pilot and the one who serve on the plane needed to stay in the hotel, and they don’t know when they need to come back, as the result, people stayed in the airport and did nothing. This wasted their times and bring about the economic loss too.

Comment by B0W!E:)

Group leader: Christy
scribe : Arthur
presenter : Bryan
discussant : karina

1. Dragon Air,Cathay Pacific,Japan Airlines, Air Canada

2. The price are increasing because of fuels price is increasing very fast. We think the Service of Cathay Pacific & Japan Airlines are better than others.

3. We have discussed about the flight on time are need to improve, most of the flight will be delay about 30-60mins. We hope the airlines can improve their ‘on time level’.Hence, it can reduce the inconvenience of the visitors.

Comment by Arthur

group member: cck(6), andrew(10), moon(11), mon(29)
1) cathy pacific, hainan airlines, australian airlines…
2)We think that the price of ticket is to much expensive, about service is nice and helpful. The flight schedule is well arranged and okay, and the destinations can support and give service to the other countries.
3)We have also discussed thier service about sending the package things with ontime.

Comment by Moon

Group Leader-Marco

1 .Name of Airlines
Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, British Airways, ANA, Virgin, Quantas, New Zealand Airlines, China airlines

2. We think although Cathay Pacific is more expensive than other airline in Hong Kong, the service of Cathay Pacific is quiet good. Our friends and relatives usually travel oversea by Cathay Pacific. Also, the airplane of Cathay Pacific can carry a large amount of passengers. Cathay Pacific is an international airline company . Compare with the Dragonair ,it can fly all over the world while Dragonair can only fly the short

3. We also discussed the running system of the Airport . A Airport need a lot of people to run it . The computer system is the most important to run the airport . Last month the luggage management system of the Heathrow Airport broke down and most of the air flights were delayed or cancelled. It caused a lot of uncomfortable to the passenger. We think set up a back-up system to cope with emergencies.

Comment by bonnie

group member: 16,24,32,35
japan airlines,cathy pacific

Comment by ting@@

Group member:
Leader: Natalie (28)
Scribe: Fiona (9)
Presenter: Sum (40)
Discussant: Leo (30)

Our conclusion on the topic ” Airline”

1)We know the Cathay Pacific,Dragon Air, Virgin Atlantic,Singapore Air, British Airways and Japan Airlines.
Prices: The prices of all airlines are gradually increasing, cause by the rising of fuels prices.
Service: We think that the Cathay Pacific’s service is the best of all, the air-hostesses are all nice and helpful.
Flight schedule: The schedule is quite good at all.
Destinations: All of them provide lots of destinations. We can travel to many different places through these airlines.
3)We have also discussed the meal provided, about the choices, the taste, the temperature to service and general level of health.

Comment by Fiona

Group leader: Eleanor
Scribe: Sherman
presenter : Phoebe
discussant : Ken
Our conclusion:
1) British Airways,Dragon Air,Cathay Pacific,JetStar Asia
2) To compare other airlines,JetStar Asia Airways is cheaper and more affordable.For service,no meal is prepaired for the passengers.For flight schedule,it is mainly from Singapore to places in Asia,it is a short-distance flight airline.For destinations,it is the cities near Singapore such as Hong Kong,Bangkok,Manila and so on.
3)We have discussed on the profit of this airway.They smartly change the kitchen to more sites.It can make up for the low price on the tickets,it is room-saving.

Comment by Sherman

Group leader:Keith
[ps:Geoffry is absent today]

The following is the conclusion:
1.Jpa,Orish,cathy pacific
2.The price of the airlines increse sharply, we think that one of the reason is the inflation, the cost of everything are incresed by inflation. The service of Cathy Pacific is quite good.
3.We also talked about the population of each of the airline of the highest period.

Comment by Angel

group leader and presenter:alex
discussant:lee chau yan
cathy was absent
Here comes the conclusion: zealand,asiana airlines,northwest airlines
2.The meal of the northwest airline is bad and little.The service of asiana airlines is quite good.
3.Although the price of the airlines is not cheap,but there are still plenty of passenger,because it is an important transport.
There are more passenger in the holiday.So,the worker who work on the plane may have holiday if there are less passenger.
advantage :This job has lots of holiday and we can travel different places. =)
disadvantage:They need to carry the risk of health! =[

Comment by alex

Group member:
Leader:Harry (35)
Scribe:Jason (16)
Presenter:Ting (24)
Discussant:Kit (32)
Title: Airline
Type of airline: cathay pacific,dragon air & japan airline
~ price about the company
~ the service of the company
~ the food of the company
~ the seat of the company
~ the job of the company
~ the differnce of the company
~ the place that the company go

Comment by Jason

Group leader:tam ho yan

1.>Mandarin Airlines,China Southern Airlines,Cathay Pacific,Dragonair,Oasis Hong Kong Airlines,irgin Atlantic,United Airlines,Continental Airlines,Air Asia,orthwest Airlines,British Airways.etc

2.>The meal of Cathay Pacific Airlines are very good.Also,the service is nice,the porters always has a big smile on their face,let us feel very nice and polite.Cathay Pacific is a international airline and very popular in Hong Kong.The airlines have a lots of destinations,we can travel many different places!

3.>We have discussed about the method of how to make the foods on the plane.We think that is quite amazing.Cook on the plane must be very great!

Comment by Yvonne:)

For Jason’s group,
Please give specific information. The things you wrote are too general! Not acceptable!

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Group Leader-Melody

1) Name all the airlines you know.
Air Hong Kong
Air Macau
Cathay Pacific Airways
Dragon Air
Hainan Airlines

2) What do you think about the price, service, flight schedule, destinations and so on?
-determined by the timel(seasons,period)
-peak season->price normally is higher
-normally is good
-flight attendent is polite,friendly,always smiles
*Flight schedule
-not enough,fequency should increase,go it will be more convenient
-cover most deatinations

3) Any other things you’ve discussed?
We think plane is the best way for long distance travel.Although the price is high in peak season,plane is more convenient and safe than trains or cars.

Comment by Katrina

Group leader:tam ho yan

Comment by Yvonne:)



Comment by Katrina

Group Leader-candy

1)Cathay Pacific,Japan Airlines,Philippines Airlines,Dragon Air,etc
2)The price is far with different service.For example,The price of tickets for Cathay Pacific quitely high ,yet, thier service are good.Philippines Airlines ‘s tickets are quitely cheaper , however it just reaches to the Philippines With a private airport for itself.
3)It already mentioned in the previous question about the Philippines.

Comment by connie

Group Member:
Group leader: Coco(7)
presenter:Natalie (16)

– Dragon air
– Cathay Pacific

* We discussed about the service and the facilities in planes of different airlines.
We all agreed that the service of Dragon air and Cathay Pacific has a better service and better facilities. How much you pay, how much you get, although the price of these two airlines are more expensive, but customers will be more comfortable in the trip.

Comment by Grammy

Group Leader:Adrian
1)-Dragon air
-Cathay Pacific Airways
-China Southern Airlines,etc
2)We think the tickets of Dragon air and Cathay Pacific Airways are higher.However,they have a better service and more comfortable.
3)We think Cathay Pacific Airways is the best.

Comment by Jenny

Group leader: Serena
scribe : Jessica
presenter : Tat
discussant : Jennifa
1) -cathy pacific airline
2&3)we think cathy pacific airline is the best. It is the most famous in our daily life. It promises us” We can serve you better with relevant information and services for your location.” So,we think it is the best.

Comment by Jessica

Group leader: Caffany
scribe : Janice
presenter : Daisy
discussant : Denise

1)China Airlines
Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited
Cathay Pacific Airways

2)After our dission, we all agree that Cathay Pacific Airwaysis the best airline. Although the price is higher, but their service is better than the other airlines. The food in Cathay Pacific Airways is delicious too! (:

Comment by Janice

Group leader:Ella

1.Cathay Pacific Airways,Japan Airlines,Dragon Air and American Airlines
(There are altogether 40 airlines in the world.)
2.American Airlines are in business to provide safe,dependable,and friendly air transportation to their customers but a through ticket to destinations not covered by the airlines would be really expensive.
3.In reality,I think people would like those companies to decrease the price($$$-$$=$) and increase the speed of the flight.^^

Comment by Jing

Group Leader: Danny
Scribe: Mary
Presenter: Michael
Discussant: Maggie

1)We have talked about the airlines in Hong Kong.
The airlines are:
Oasis Hong Kong Airline
Cathay Pacific
British Airways

2) We have talked about the price of the airlines.
The most expensive one is Cathay Pacific, but
they have a highest quality. The cheapest one
is Oasis Hong Kong Airline, but they have the
lowest quality and this company was closed
because of not enough money to run the company.

Comment by Mary

Members:Alex, Raphael, Shirly
1)New Zealand, Airline, Dragon Air
2)Expensive, good service, A380
3)Captain’s job

Comment by Raphael

Group leader:2C39

1.Dragon Air,Cathay Pacific Airways,Japan Airlines, and American Airlines

2.we think cathy pacific airline is the best one.

3.We think people would like those companies to decrease the price and increase the speed of the flight.

Comment by Kathy

Group member:
Leader:Harry (35)
Scribe:Jason (16)
Presenter:Ting (24)
Discussant:Kit (32)
Title: Airline
Type of airline: cathay pacific,dragon air & japan airline
We think that Cathy Pacific. It is because the fight of the time and the speed also the service is the best. And the food and the seat is not bad. Although the price of it is expensive, we also think that it is the best. So our conculsion is Cathy Pacific is the best of the company hat we know.

Comment by Jason

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