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April 2, 2008, 6:42 pm
Filed under: Elect 2 - Environment, S.2CD 2007-08

While you are waiting for the grammar answer keys, read this poem. Try to determine the meaning of/behind each item used/described.

Pleasure By The Nature
  Nature brings a colourful beauty to one’s heart,
It flies in our hearts like colourful butterfly,
It strengthens the hearts with huge wings to fly,
A beautiful creature lives in the heart of nature.

A life is not enough to enjoy the whole nature,
Each and every part of the Universe comes under nature,
The nature is part of existence of human life,
Without the nature, there will be no future.

The nature survives the lives with pleasure,
The beautiful nature is a creator of great desire,
The fine nature lives with us and lives in us,
It brings many dreams and memories to us.

Oh God! We are thankful for gifting us a pleasant nature,
It is one’s responsibility to save the beauty of nature,
A true living in the heart of nature helps an achiever,
To achieve the long life period of his splendid desire.



Dr. M.Swaroopa Rani M.A., PhD

Swaroopa Rani


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