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Answer Keys
April 2, 2008, 9:40 am
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Dear students,

The following are the answer keys of the grammar work which you should have completed. If you find any chapters that you haven’t done, HONESTLY finish them before you check the answers. You should be aware that any misbehaviours of yours will cause your time and energy without gaining any knowledge afterwards. Please make good use of the answer here:


Worksheet: Revision Exercise, Passive Voice and Tenses

Grammar in Context Book 1: Ch. 1-5, 8-9, 13-15 & 19

Grammar Explained Book 1: Ch. 1, 5-9, 11, 13-19, 22 & 24


Grammar in Context Book 2: Ch. 5 & 11

Grammar Explained Book 2: Ch. 6 & 19

Worksheet: Easter Reading Exercise

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I can’t find some of the answer.

Comment by Christy Kong

Which one?

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

The worksheet.
There are some missing answer:
The tenses part~question 19-21.
Revision exercise~part C

Comment by Christy Kong

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