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Glamourous, Glamorous Glamourous!

Does this word look familar to you? Yes, it was from your fashion personality worksheet. 😛

Knowing that you like Fergie, I was going to play this MV to show the meaning of the word glamourous during lesson. Unfortunately, we were running out of time that day. Here you go – Glamorous by Fergie

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oh my god!I really love Fergie and Gwen Stefani so much!
I see the Mv on your blog i really suprise!>V0<

Comment by Persephone :]

Why my commect will like that- -?
i said that.I wait for Gwen Stefani’s song for a long time but i think this year cannot have a new caltlog.This make Yvonne and i so disappointed

Comment by Persephone :]

In fact Gwen and Fergie has a big point in common, they came out from their own music band before, No Doubt and Black Eyed Peas respectively, even though the music they played in their bands before was so different.

Also, one more thing in common is that they were ABSOLUTELY NOT GORGEOUS (charming) when they were in their bands. Their figures and makeup were not as they are now. (Trust me, I always thought the figure of Gwen was strange and Fergie was just too fat back in their old times)

However, they have the same career path now. Sign the contract with the music company individually and left their bands for individual career. Therefore Gwen started by her own single ‘What are you waiting for’. If you look carefully into the lyrics of this song, you’ll find out the million dollar contract was actually referring to herslf.

For Fergie, I think she just needs to remind herself by her own name Fergie=Vegie! (vegie=vegatables/vegetarian) or she would gain weight easily and quickly as she was a really ‘BIG’ girl! (saw her Black Eyed Peas concert in Hong Kong 1~2 years ago! :-P)

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

But i think Gwen really change a lot.Just like see her mv-4in the is so pretty girl.But in the past,it is not really atrack us.I think Fergie is more older than Gwen right?’i only have a guess.’
Gwen’s style is different with Fergie of cos,Gwen’s make up is more exaggerate.
I really love your’Vegie’haha.Fergie is more ladies than Gwen i think.See the clumsy and big girl don’t cry,she really is a big girl now,more maturation.

Comment by Persephone :]

Good show!Isn’t it?Also a good song!!!

Comment by Marco

I don’t really think this is a good song :/
quite boring

Comment by Leo

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