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Gucci Spring Summer 2008
March 17, 2008, 2:06 pm
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Part 1

Part 2

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quite good, although it don’t have any great design, it still special ! .

Comment by Arthur

The design of the colthes are very beautiful, and I think the designers are very creative and outstanding. I love all the design very much.

Comment by Jason

The dress of the video are mainly use black, white and yellow colours. The long dress are very classically elegant

Comment by Amy

A black leather jacket, a black glossy belt, black leggings and a pair of black shoes with stiletto heels are worn by a young beautiful woman.

The pattern is really unique.

Comment by Serena

The major colours of the design are black , white , yellow and pink . The flowers is the major symbol , it shows the smell of spring and summer.

Comment by Ella

This show is wonderful.The design is creative.Although the clothes mainly are black and white in colour ,they are so beautiful!

Comment by Jenny

The design mainly use yellow and black.There are also some flowers on top. It give us feelings of summer and sun shine.

Comment by Tebby

The designs are suitable for young girls because they are trendy.

Comment by Karina

Gucci….love it!!! it even replace my old favourite brand with its beautiful and creative designs. Their designs are simple and fresh, yet easily bring out the theme “spring” and it was being attractive in a “friendly way”.

Comment by Connie

that OK….i like gucci’s clothes.

Comment by ting@@

o,Gucci is my favorite brand.The videos are showing the design of spring and summer of gucci in 2008. It is popular in black, and the colour is sharp!

Comment by bryan

I think Gucci designer had pay many time on the design! the dress the clothes are wonderful ! it’s freash!

Comment by christy :)

Some original boring colour mix with coloured
patterns are quite good. The imagination
of the designer is nice and outstanding,
he did surprised and amazed me.

Comment by KEN

The colour of the clothes is so strongly comparison.The designers catch the customers’view.It sounds great~

Comment by Angel

Gucci is always good~

Comment by Fiona

Wow,make me so surprise , because they are beautiful

Comment by keith

the clothes had made beautifully

Comment by sum

They are better than the past.

Comment by Jennifer

The clothes are unbelieveable.

Comment by Leo

Is that really good?I don’t think so!!!

Comment by Marco

Good for it.I want Gucci’s clothes.

Comment by Marco

Pucci is better.Their clothes are very colourful.

Comment by Leo

Oh!It is Roberto Cavalli?

Comment by Jennifer

Gucci is potentive

Comment by shierly

I l0ve yellow and black. The style of clothing is very beautiful. A lot of yellow and black in Gucci design. I l0ve it! ^_^

Comment by ph0ebe

i love it very very much. i think the pattern is nice.i think the material is wonderful =] i love it

Comment by alex

The dresses are really beautiful!!!!!The cutting is comfortable,and the size are really good!I like them!!!

Comment by Danny

I think the clothes are very beautiful.Thrie pattern are very special , and the colour are very beautiful.

Comment by Alvin

I think the pattern are very speeial . I also think the clothes are beautiful . the colour are beautiful.

Comment by Alvin

I think Gucci’s desgin is very special and colourful.I hope I can watch and enjoy the design of winter.
The pattern is unique and it let people have a comfortable and fresh feelings. I like it!!!!!!!!

Comment by Marco Fish

Good for it.I like Gucci’s clothes very much.I think the pattern are very wonderful and colourful.

Comment by Denis

i like it very much. I think the pattern of Gucci is very special. Also my favourite brand is GUCCI^_^!

Comment by catffany

I think GUCCI’s design is very fresh and i love it very much.Of course GUCCI is my favourite brand and i know GUCCI more than other brand.

Comment by Vincy

I raedy love the clothes of Guuci.The Cutting is very good .The models are very professional and have a great confidence.

Comment by Bonnie

I like the designs in part 2, they’re elegant but also stylish.

Comment by Grammy

The design are very good.I love Gucci!!!><“

Comment by Jessica

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