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Famous English fashion designer – Alexander McQueen Spring 2008
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The design of all the clothes are very sexy and the heels of those shoes are extremely high.Some of the dresses are deep V style and the rainbow dress is very colorful.

Comment by Jing

the hats are very magnify, if you wear it, everybody must get a great attention on it =]

Comment by Arthur

The hats are very special, some dress are very colorful.

Comment by jenna

They are hair style are outstanding,also match with their clothes.i like it!:D

Comment by kik0!

I like the colors of the clothes most.It match with the hats.

Comment by Andrew

The design of the colthes are very beautiful, and I think the designers are very creative and outstanding. I love all the design very much.

Comment by Jason

The design is quite good.
the product is very sharp and most of them is very heat

Comment by KIT

The design of the clothes are very unique and originality. Some of the hats on model head are very exaggerate but it is very beautiful.

Comment by Amy

The design of the clothes are so trendy and beautiful.><”
Which is fashion brand are there?0o0?

Comment by Jessica

The design of the clothes are very special and pretty.
Alexander McQueen uses the exaggeratedly way to show his talents of fashion.

Comment by Katrina

The hats are very unqie , it can catch the attention of the people . The dresses can show the style of ladies.

Comment by Ella

The design is very unique and attractive and it is match in a surprising way, it is just so cool!! With all the backgrounds of the stage, it formed a mysterious feeling.^^

Comment by Connie

The hats are so lovely and unique!;>
Some of the dresses are elegant.The designs of the clothes are simple but they can attract people’s attention!

Comment by Karina

i like the clothes.

Comment by ting@@

THe design is unusual and take a great style.

Comment by YU

The hats and hair design are wonferful.The hat design is so creative.I like them!

Comment by Jenny

The design of the clothes are very special….
But I want to ask, is the designer making
a scary movie?? It just like I went into Hell!!!

Comment by KEN


Comment by KEN

The designs all include a hat.The designs are very creative.The hats are wonderful.

Comment by Tebby

The hats are extraordinary and the masks are matched with the clothes. The designs are very unique.

Comment by CCK

I like the hats design very much.Great!
Some flowers, snake-shaped are decorated.They are originality.

Comment by Angel

The design are quite good, and they are also a bit sexy

Comment by keith

Their hair style is lovely.
Creative design and I like the big leather belt~!
The wing beyond is beautiful too!

Comment by secret

It’s good!

Comment by harry

it ‘s good. theclothes are so nice.

Comment by harry

it’s good . i like the fashion very much !!!

Comment by moon


Comment by Leo

Good clothes and the models are sexy!!!Nice.

Comment by Marco

This is a good fashion show.

Comment by Jennifer


Comment by viyoko

I love this fashion show a lot. It’S so pretty and wonderful. What a good show!

Comment by erica

I love this fashion a lot. It is really pretty and wonderful. What a good show!

Comment by erica

Wow,,,,,what a pretty fashion show.
I have never seen such a good fashion show before.
I love this show very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Janice

This fashion show is fabulous!The clothes are very strange and special.I am wondering who will wear these clothes on the the street.Anyway,this show makes me know more about fashion. 😀

Comment by LISKA

all the designs are outstanding and attractive. i appreciate the designers behind the stage.

Comment by Michael

The model are sexy.I love it,the clothes are very beautiful,i was enjoy the show very much~~

Comment by waterfish.\_/. kit

It is very beautiful and colourful.The design is special too.

Comment by Ashley

after i watched this fashion show, i know one more english fashion designer. besides, i can know more about foreign fashions. i like watching fashion show! =]

Comment by da!sy

In this fashion show,i saw many unique,colourful and special designs.I love this show very much,it was brillant!!=]

Comment by coco

I love this fashion very much.In the show, I can see many different kinds of designs.What a wonderful show.^0^

Comment by Melody

The design is beautiful.
The model is so tall.
It is so colourful

Comment by shierly

I can learn more about the world fashion trend
through this fashion show. I love watching this fashion show:)Enjoy it.

Comment by Michelle

I can learn more universal fashion knowledge.
I know more on the famous fashion brand and design skill too!
I am interested in watching fashion shows.

Comment by Sherman

I can learn more about ideas of fashion design.Also,I can learn that which backgroud music can match the show.It is useful for my thinking when I grow up.

Comment by Eleanor

the fashion show is very good.
the model of the fashion show is very professional!

Comment by natalie

The fashion show is good

Comment by Helen_xD

I think that the fashion is very good & nice!!!>^<

Comment by Candy

the design is trendy.

Comment by viyoko

Oh, the show is really fun!
I can see different types of clothing and pattern!
Great! I love it a lot^3^!

Comment by Yvonne

the design is very beautiful.

Comment by adrian

Wow , the fashion show is really good!!! @v@
i like the design and i can see different kinds of style and pattern of clothing , too.

Comment by Joel

the designs are very fresh & youth.

Comment by kit

This is a great show. i can see so many pattern and color of clothes ,

Comment by Raphael

The clothes in the fashion show is very stylish.
And some of the designs are quite sexy.
The show is really interesting.

Comment by CathyTo;)

The styles of those clothes are fantastic and creative! I like the designs very much. I will recommend this video to my fdsHAHAHAHAHA^^

Comment by LOKLOK(tiffany)

All the design is wonderful,stylish.The colours are sharp and special.Really fantastic=]

Comment by Maggie Wong:'>

I like its blog very much…the clotheS are colourful…><CM4U ^V^=]]]]]]]]

Comment by WaTeR

The clothes usually in dark colour. I find some Chinese model too *0* This fashion show is very extensive and professtional.

Comment by B0W!E:)

the clothes are very glamorous,yet sexy!>V<
I wish i would have one of those hats.(at the beginning of the first video)
But the dresses are much too mature for a secondary school student, so it is not suitable for us, as a teenager.^^

Comment by Stella

The clothes of this show are special.The colour are sharp.All of them had their own style.

Comment by channy

it is very special… i learn many things…the clothes are unique,special…

Comment by Raphael

i think that the style of the collection was very traditional china feel !wo~ the model is so thin

Comment by Tiffany

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