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Vivienne Tam – fashion designer


1. Where does she live?

2. Is that a dress of Vivienne Tam?

3. What shoes is she wearing?

4. How long has she been wearing that?

5. What makeup is she wearing?

6. Who made her hair?

7. Which is her favourite shampoo?

8. What food and drink does she prefer?

9. What does her friend John like to offer her?

10. What is village yogurt?

Vivienne Tam 2008 Spring collection

Roberto Cavalli

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Do we need to do this exercise in the notebook or other place?

Comment by Denis

Do we need to do this exercise in yhe notebook or other place?

Comment by Denis

Not today! 😛

Comment by bouteiller

ms bouteiller^0^

Comment by phoebe

Oh!The fashion shows (are) really good and it (is) attract(s) me. I watch it for half an hour!

I can find some songs of Fergie. It’s also good.

Comment by singpersephone


Comment by wATEr

hi. I am Erica.=]

Comment by Erica

Bonjour my dear students! You are very supportive! Good performance today. The Pricinpal likes us very much! 🙂 He’s impressed that you all know so much about international fashion! 2D yohoo!!! XXXX (Persephone, I’m glad that you enjoy the fashion show; What is ‘CM’? Oui, Alex, bienvenue c’est français!)

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Halo !!=]

Comment by Raphael


Comment by xannac

Bonjour Raphael, Phoebe and Erica!
but who is xannac?

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Sometimes the comments do not show after I post it.

Comment by Marco Fish

Mrs Bouteiller!^3^
i reli love this topic-fashion


Comment by Yvonne

Yvonne, I’m so happy you guys enjoy this topic!! I’m sooooooooo happy to introduce and share the other part of the world with you. You are my dearest students!! 🙂

Macro, because it was waiting for my approval. 😛

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

o Vivienne Tam used to be one of my all time favorite designers. Until I found out from that she is supporting one of the cruelest industries around…the FUR industry. Doesn’t she know that other designers have stopped using fur because they realize how horrific it is for an animal to be skinned alive?!?! See for yourself what Vivienne Tam is supporting by clicking here

Comment by missxlollyx

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